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Former Yobidashi Hideo-san was popular with sumo fans, who nicknamed him the “elf of the dohyo.”
The former top yobidashi eloquently discusses the work of sumo’s urakata (men behind the scenes); the yobidashi, gyoji, and tokoyama, as well as the rikishi, oyakata, heya, bouts, and other topics. This book will make watching bouts even more enjoyable for you, and will deepen your understanding of sumo! With a glossary of 90 items.



[Profile of Author]

Hideo Yamaki

Born in 1949 in Shimoda-shi, Shizuoka-ken, he is a former ozumo yobidashi. His real name is Yamaki Hidehito. He initially joined Isegahama Beya, was subsequently transferred to Kiriyama Beya, and finally belonged to Asahiyama Beya.
Yobidashi Hideo made his debut in the March 1969 tournament. After Yobidashi Yasuo reached retirement age after the July 2003 tournament, Hideo became his successor as the top yobidashi from the September 2003 tournament, and thereafter called the final bout of each day during tournaments. Yobidashi Hideo reached retirement age himself on December 27, 2014.

March 1969 tournament Made his debut as an Isegahama Beya yobidashi.
July 1994 tournament Was listed as a jumaime yobidashi when the yobidashi were listed on the banzuke.
January 1996 tournament Promoted to makuuchi yobidashi.
May 2002 tournament Promoted to sanyaku yobidashi.
January 2004 tournament Promoted to fukutate yobidashi.
March 2007 Moved to Kiriyama Beya after Isegahama Beya closed.
January 2008 tournament Promoted to tate yobidashi.
May 2001 Moved to Asahiyama Beya after Kiriyama Beya closed.
November 2014 tournament Final tournament as a yobidashi.




1969年3月場所 伊勢ヶ濱部屋から初土俵
1994年7月場所 呼出の番付制導入により、十両呼出に指名される
1996年1月場所 幕内呼出に昇進
2002年5月場所 三役呼出に昇進
2004年1月場所 副立呼出に昇進
2007年3月場所 伊勢ヶ濱部屋閉鎖に伴い桐山部屋へ移籍
2008年1月場所 立呼出に昇進
2011年5月技量審査場所 桐山部屋閉鎖に伴い、朝日山部屋へ移籍
2014年11月場所 最終場所

[Profile of Translator]

Clyde Newton

Born in New Zealand in 1955. Moved to Japan at age of five. Graduated from Sophia University in Japan, in 1978. Working in the import-export field. Editor and publisher of Sumo World magazine.



1955年生まれ、ニュージーランド出身。5歳のときに来日し、1978年に上智大学を卒業。現在、貿易関係の仕事に携わりながら、『SUMO WORLD』編集長を務める。

[Table of contents]

Foreword――Life as a Yobidashi from My Entrance into Isegahama Beya to Retirement

Chapter 1 Let’s Start with Discussion of the Urakata

The People Who Support Sumo
The Yobidashi are in Charge of Calling the Rikishi as Well as Sweeping Dohyo
I Only Thought I Called Out Well on Three Days in An Entire Tournament
The Cheat Sheet Used by Yobidashi
Taiko――Yaguradaiko and Furedaiko are Important Tasks for the Yobidashi
Constructing the Dohyo――Manual Labor by All the Yobidashi
We Have Many Tasks to Fulfill, Including Hitting Wooden Clappers and Carrying Kensho Banners
The Daily Life of a Yobidashi――in My Case
The Taikozuka――Performing Religious Services for the Souls of Departed Yobidashi
Gyoji――Sumo’s Referees-Judging Bouts is Their First Responsibility
Gunbai――Essential Item for Gyoji
Gyoji Handle the Public Address System
Presenting the Kaobure――Done by the Gyoji and Yobidashi
The Banzuke is Written in Sumoji
Gyoji Wear Different Costumes According to Their Rank
The Tokoyama’s Work――They Become Full-Fledged When They Can Arrange Oichomage
Former Rikishi Become Wakaimonogashira and Sewanin

Chapter 2 Sumo’s Leading Actors-Rikishi and Oyakata

What is Needed to Become a Rikishi
The Promotion of Rikishi――Those Who Reach Jumaime are Called Sekitori
Shikona――A Rikishi’s Ring Name, Real Names are Acceptable
Mawashi――A Rikishi Loses if his Mawashi Comes Off
A Day in the Life of a Rikishi――Keiko Is Done Only in the Morning
Chanko――If There is Not Enough Chanko Sen
Dohyoiri――The Sekitori Show Their Faces
Bouts――From Entering Shitakubeya to Leaving
Torikumi are Decided Upon Every Day
There are Currently 82 Winning Techniques
The Yumitorishiki――A Ceremony Performed on Behalf of the Winner
Yusho, the Sansho and kenshokin――The Makuuchi Yusho Winner Receives Prize Money of 10 Million Yen
Jungyo and Hanazumo
Rikishi I Remember――Hokutenyu Had Style
To Become an Oyakata, One Must Succeed to One of the 105 Toshiyori Myoseki
Oyakata Operating Heya and Oyakata Belonging to Heya
Okamisan Have a Role Akin to that of Mothers
Koenkai――Membership is Available from 10,000 Yen Upwards
There are Six Ichimon

Chapter 3 Enjoying Sumo

Sumo is Said to Have Originated with Nomino Sukune
From the Edo Era to Today――There was a Crisis After the Meiji Restoration
Nihon Sumo Kyokai
Seeing Sumo Beya――Watching Keiko
Watching Sumo at the Kokugikan

In Conclusion


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